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CAS Final Essay

CAS Final Essay: Cindy Kwon

As an IB diploma student, I had so many experiences and learned a lot for about 2 years. I first didn’t understand the reason why IB requires CAS and values it. I thought this CAS program is used to find out how one can manage their time and write things regularly. However, this wasn’t it. After working for CAS for 2 years, I found out that IB program actually looked forward to help candidates to improve and learn how to become a well-rounded person.

I have done a lot of things during my junior and senior year. Among those, most of them were related with my CAS projects. Sometimes, I had to deal with many kinds of problems or sometimes I had to challenge myself to achieve my goal. Also, I had to commit myself to help the other. Creativity, Action, and Service has really given me a lot of great experiences for the past two years! It helped me to become a person who can deal with problems, who can plan projects, who can accept any harsh words, and also who can lead people. In other words, it helped me to become a person whom everyone hopes to become.

Of course, there were many problems to deal with when I was working on CAS. I was always late on submitting proposals, writing journals, and also final reflections. I was not scheduled at all. However, I am proud of myself for being able to finish everything. It was a bit annoying and frustrating to finish all the work, but this definitely has helped me to become a better person and learn a lot from it.

CAS is aimed or used to make one to become a person who can increase the awareness of their own strength and areas of growth, who can undertake any kinds of challenges, who can plan things, who can work collaboratively with others, who can show perseverance and commitment in their activities, who are engaged with issues of global issues, who considers ethical implications of their actions, and who can develop new skills. And by working on CAS for two years, I was able to become these kinds of person. I honestly didn’t even notice that I covered all 8 learning outcomes. However, at the end, I found out that I covered all of these without knowing. So, I personally think that CAS actually leads people to learn these 8 learning outcomes.

I believe that one can never improve or get better if they do not take challenges. One should take chances and know how to undertake new challenges. And I could do this during my NHS projects, Recycling Club, and varsity sports. I could use my leadership and my skills to improve the projects and help others to work harder and feel comfortable.

One other thing that I want to talk about is that people really wants to always to something which they are good and which they wants to do. Same thing happened with me, however, I tried hard to change my thoughts and wants and do things which can help other people.

Since I was not a good painter or drawer, working as a decorator of the in front of the house was very challenging. I really needed people’s help on doing my job as a head of the house decoration team. Even if I couldn’t be artistic in this role, I could still work hard because I had leadership and it was keep on growing. I learned how to control people even if they were not following me. I think this role really helped me to grow up as a person who can lead people and who can be trusted. I personally am very sorry to my teammates because I couldn’t be with them every single day when they were having a meeting. Sometimes, I was leaving them alone and I went to practice soccer or went to soccer practices. However, I am so proud of my team because they worked hard even if I wasn’t there with them.

When I was working with my Varsity Basketball team, I was a defense leader. I don’t know why but I am always a leader in defense. This is because I also am the leader of defense in Soccer. As a leader of these sports, I had many problems which gave me a lot of hard times. Some people were saying bad things about me, while some were ignoring me. However, through this experience, I could grow up a lot. I learned how to deal with those kinds of situations. I am pretty sure that everyone who was part of our team knew how I felt in these situations. So, I am pretty sure that they also learned from it that I hope they wouldn’t do these to any other next leaders.

When I was working as a recycling club, I learned a lot from it. I honestly am not good and speaking in front of so many people and I usually was not the one who would talk in front of a lot of people. However, being a member of publicity group made me to challenge myself and I am now so proud of myself. When I was first talking in front of people, I was so nervous. I literally was sweating so much on my hands! But, when I started to talk repetitively, I got comfortable with what I was doing. It helped me to get better and get comfortable.

For my NHS project, I planned to teach children about hygiene so that they would know about the importance of them and learn how to be clean. I chose this project because children who were in the orphanage seemed like they were not taking shower, brushing their teeth, and so on. I wanted them to be healthy that I decided to have my project on it. I had many problems when dealing with this project. I was not fully prepared that I had to visit the place almost right before the project. Yes, I shouldn’t have done that but I am glad with this because it actually helped me a lot. Children recognized me when I visited there again and they wanted to listen to me. I think the visit helped me to explain the importance and usage of each item that I have bought to children because I think they were a bit more interested.

CAS really helped me to become a person who is well-rounded. I started to be part of many kinds of activities which helped me to grow up inside. For two years of being an IB candidate, I was able to experience the 8 learning outcomes even if I meant to do them. When I was working throughout the year, I started to cover all those 8 learning outcomes without knowing. Going through all the hardships and negative things have brought me and made me into a stronger and tougher person. CAS has made me to feel many different emotions. However, all those emotions such as frustration definitely allowed me to think back and reflect myself. I am so happy to have such as great experience with CAS. It has leaded me to have a lot of meaningful memories and also valuable moments.

Completion Form

Increased awareness of his/her own strengths and areas
of growth
Undertaken new challenges


Planned and initiated activities

Worked collaboratively with others


Shown perseverance and commitment in their activities

Engaged with issues of global importance


Considered the ethical implications of their actions

Developed new skills

Monday, 28 May 2012

Final reflection: Recycling Club

Final Reflection: Recycling Club

Since when I was in 10th grade, I started to be part of recycling club. Katarina was a leader for this group and I first joined just because my favorite person is leading it and she needed some help. And, I decided to continue with this club and work with Ms.Calimlim. However, everything was different. Yes, we were collecting recyclables but before, we were only collecting papers and sort them out into reusable or not reusable. However, this year, we also collected cans, plastic battles, tetra-pack, and so on.

My job was a leader of publicity group. We had 4 groups. Publicity, In-school, and Out-school. Our-school members went around Binictican and gathered recyclables while in-school members went around school to gather those. However, my job was a publicity member was to let students and binictican society to be aware with recycling.

As a person who rarely talks in front of a lot of people, this job was a bit challenging. Yes, I had a bit of leadership, but talking in front of our whole school body was really hard. Even if my English skill was good, this was really challenging.

One day, right after the break, our publicity group had a presentation about how to segregate and recycle. We also talked about why this is so important and how student body can help. Our group prepared all kinds of recyclables and recycling bins which will be located at many areas around school. Since I was the leader but also the one who could speak well, I decided to explain most of the things. I explained which recyclables will be thrown into which recycling bin and how to segregate well.

Since all the money that we earn from selling these recyclables will be given to BZMs, I was so happy to work hard for them. They were always there to clean our school and help us if we need help. However, they do not earn a lot of money from doing those things. So, I personally think that this club is really helpful to everyone!

As a publicity member, I tried to let everyone to be aware of recycling any kind of things that we use daily. Honestly, I don’t know if I did a great job on making people to really segregate properly. I have seen cafeteria people who were segregating cans and plastic bottles because they were all at the same places. However, I tried hard and tried to make people to be aware of this. I hope this club still continues! J

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Varsity Soccer journal #3

During ISAC, my role was to lead people on schedules and make sure that everyone are updated with anything.

I firstly scheduled our meeting time and warm-up time. I printed them out and distributed to all the coaches and teammates! I hope they didn't throw them..away..haha
anyway, and then I explained them about the usage of those papers! This was to really let them know that those times were strict and important. I needed them to really know that those are very very very important.

Right before the first game, we had a short talk with everyone and they were all pretty much serious and excited! Well, I was also excited and I was looking forward to play all the games left! When we worked hard together and tried our best, we could reach one of our goals, winning against BSM. We couldn't win against them for about 4 years but this year! we won!!!!!!!! Our goal keeper, Fanny didn't even touched the ball during this game. I was so happy!!

This wasn't it. We still worked hard together and we got 3rd place! We actually could have done better but I think 3rd place is still good enough and we deserve to get it! I am so proud of my team and myself. We never gave up even if we lost or won. I hope our team still continue to do this even if I graduate!

Final Reflection: Production Crew Head of the House

I have been part of production crew for about 4 years, and just as any other activities, this is my past year to be part of. Last year, I was a Mic controller. However, this year, I was selected as the head of ushers. But, I couldn’t take this job because I was leaving for APAC tournament. So, my role changed to the head of the house. My role was to lead my teammates to decorate the in front of the house.

When I first found out that I had to decorate the in front of the house, I was shocked and scared. This was because I wasn’t a good artist. I couldn’t draw well and also I had hard time painting. However, I had to all of those to decorate the house!

Since I studied IB Theatre, I knew how to design the in front of the house. I knew which of the aspects can show which. So, I decided to have a road going to the castle which represents Bell’s journey to the castle. There also were some stations on the road which shows what happened or key object of the places.

Before everything, I had to choose students who will be helping us. I went around asking students to help out and I got plenty of them to help. Since I will be away during the actual show, I asked Felicia to lead them during the show time.

After that, I decided to have a meeting to start decorating. Of course, not everyone came. They had excuses to not come and some of them were trying to skip some of the meetings too even if they know that we have to start working. It was a bit annoying when some of them were not working even if they were with us. I could see people just chatting, taking pictures, and doing nothing. As a leader, it was very not respectful and it was annoying. I think I now know how teachers would have felt when we were not listening to them and ignoring them.

I kind of felt bad to students whom I was working with because I couldn’t always be with them. I told them to always be there but I couldn’t stay with them. I think they might have felt bad when these kinds of things happened. However, I think I tried my best to prove and show that I work hard when I am there! I hope everyone felt that too!

At the last day of me staying to help decorating, I tried my best to finish everything. However, I think we didn’t have enough time to finish everything. Things were not done and it was not never nearly finished. I felt really bad and sorry to leave rest of the jobs to Felicia. She only joined because I asked for help but she had to finish up everything.

However, I really enjoyed the time when I was with them decorating. When we were making flowers, everyone was involved and we were laughing a lot. Even if some of them were complaining with back pain or tiredness, I tried to make them laugh! When we were painting at Ms.Calililm’s room, we were all laughing and smiling. We were listening to music together and had fun! I think this experience really helped me to get along better with people whom I wasn’t really close with.

I still feel sorry to those of people who had to work harder because I was not there, but I am certainly proud of all of them who were there to help! This experience at Brent Subic is one of the memories which will never be erased. I am glad to have this experience!

Final Reflection: NHS

To get into NHS, I had to apply it about 3 times. Since grade 10, I kept on applying to get into this organization and finally, I got in! This was my last chance and I was able to be part of NHS. Since when I first came to Brent Subic, I always wanted to be a NHS member. I was part of many activities which were held by NHS. However, it was very hard for me to do that. When I had a conversation with Mrs.Griarte, she told me that one of the reasons why I couldn’t get in was because of my characteristic. I heard that I had some problems with teachers during classes. However, I have never felt that! So, I was a bit confused. I couldn’t distinguish is what I am doing is right or wrong. However, I tried to always smile and stay positive during classes and try my best to change my attitude. And I think this actually helped a lot.

When I first had a NHS meeting, I was so excited! We had an election to decide the leaders of NHS. When we had couple of meetings, we had time to talk about our own projects. We first talked about the options and I decided that I will go with slush selling. In my opinion, this was the most important one to start our NHS projects because we had to earn money for our other projects. And one of the easy ways to earn money is selling things. Since we could easily get Ice, syrup, and the machine for slush, I felt that this project would be very appropriate. So, I decided to do that and this project was the one that everyone was involved.

Honestly, I thought this slush selling project is good enough as a project but it wasn’t! I was surprised when Mr.Barth asked me about my project. So, I had to get hurry and prepare a project to work on. When I was thinking about it, I felt that teaching young and poor children about hygiene would be very good as a project. I just had to find a place to go. When I talked with Felicia, she suggested me the place called “The mission of charities.” Since I have been there about two years ago with Katarina and Hacky, I felt comfortable going there that I decided to go there. However, I became so busy with IB stuff and exams that I couldn’t prepare for my projects. I was not ready to have a project with that place. So, I decided to go to POCCH with Simon. One of the clubs in our school were having contacts with them and we were also planning to go to that place for building fence. So, I thought it would be better and easier for me to reach there.

Well, even if I decided to go there and when I had a set date, I still was not ready. I actually thought I am but I wasn’t. When I had a talk with Mr.T, I found out that I still have works to do. I had to go see the person who was responsible of children there to let them know that I am coming to do my project. I found out that it would be very rude if I go to that place without letting them know that I am coming. I thought Simon actually already have contacted them that I don’t have to go, but it wasn’t like that. We were going together but we were having two different projects that I still had to go see the supervisor. To do this, I decided to go with some of the students who are going to that place and talk to the supervisor but also help that group. I think this was something that I really did well because I could get to know a lot of children there. They remembered my name when I went back there to hold my project. I was so happy!

At first, when we started explaining the importance of hygiene and toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and hand sanitizer, I was scared that children may not understand me. However, I was wrong. A lot of them could understand what I am saying, except for some of them! I felt that everyone will understand me because I still tried hard to help them to know what I am saying. I tried my best to have their attention when explaining the importance. After that, I gave toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and hand sanitizer to everyone so that they would keep themselves clean.

I am looking forward to go see them again because I will be visiting the Philippines again. I hope that Peter will continue with my project that I can simply help him if he has problems and also go with him!

I think it would have been way better if I could have my project at least twice and if I had a better relationship with children that I worked with. However, I believe that what I did was still helpful to children and I will still have more chances to talk to them and get to know them.

One year of being a NHS member gave me a lot of good experiences and it allowed me to learn a lot from it. I found out about how poor children live their life, and how they are pure inside. I will never forget this experience and learn a lot from it.

Final Reflection: Varsity Basketball

Since I am a senior this year, this is my last year to play basketball. I think I won’t be able to play this sport anymore because there are no sports clubs for girls. I have tried my best to go to ISAC and it took me about 2 years to do that. I usually didn’t have a lot of chances to get into ISAC team because I was young, but also there were many other players who were better than me.

I first went to ISAC when I was in 10th grade. This was when Coach Stocking was our coach. And the following year, our new coach, Coach Thompson came! When I first had practice with Coach Thompson, I felt that he is very kind and he loved our team. This came into my mind because I didn’t feel this with Coach Stocking.

Anyways, when I started Basketball Season this year, I was pretty much in shape because I was part of Cross Country team. Since I was running couple of miles every day, I started to get in fit and be able to finish one quarter without resting. This was pretty amazing to me because I didn’t feel that I could run well but Coach Thompson told me that Cross Country really helped a lot.

This year, I wanted to record how each of us do during games or during practices to find out rather if we are getting better or not. Since our team is pretty small in number, I thought that the improvement of one person is very important and it will help us a lot if all of us start to improve. And I thought that one way to do this is recording how many points we score during games or during practices. I mostly focused on free throws. In my opinion, this is very important because it actually is the easiest way for us to score against other team. So, I made a chart to post it on the wall in the gym. By doing this, everyone could see how well we do and how we are improving. I was supposed to make a chart or graph out of this but I never had a chance to do it. I kind of regret not doing this because it may have helped us a lot during ISAC.

However, I think our team still did pretty well during ISAC. We still never gave up even if we had some unfair calls against us, or even if we were losing. I think this kind of attitude helped us to win.

Well, personally, I think I didn’t do very well during ISAC. I missed a lot of shots which I used to do well. I just couldn’t understand why that I have talked with Mr.Thompson couple of times but I still couldn’t find out the reason for this. It was so annoying and frustrating. I started to get scared to shoot and pass the ball because I was scared to miss shots. However, I think Mr.Thompson helped me a lot to keep me on going and not get scared to shoot. He told me that I can do it and I am doing fine. I think without him, I probably wouldn’t be me right now. I learned a lot from playing or learning basketball from him. He taught me so many new skills that I can adapt during games and also he gave me a lot of great advices. I think I will never forget playing basketball with having him as a coach!

I am so happy that I decided to play basketball at first place because I could get all these great learning and experiences by playing basketball. I am proud of myself for finishing the season strong and mostly, I am so proud of my teammates. They are young but I’m sure that they will grow up as a very strong basketball player who always has positive attitude!