Sunday, 13 May 2012

Production Head of the house journal #3

We started to work on the canvas. We will have a main road and there will be small stations which will contain things that happens to Bell when she reaches the Castle.

Thinks worked out pretty well at the first. However, some problems were coming towards us. It needed some more time for us to finish our work. The problem was that we were facing too many problems. When I was gone for APAC practice, the ones who were left couldn't start painting because Mrs. Thompson didnt allow us to use her paint and room. So, my teammates had to go to national bookstore to buy some stuff and also try to find a room where they could work. It was so stressful. I had to think about things that could solve problems , talk to them on the phone and so on.

However, I think these kind of things really paid off! We could finish the painting..well I couldn't be with them anymore because I already left of APAC.

I was so happy to have Felicia to help me because It really made me to feel comfortable on leaving the school and leaving my teammates!

I heard that everything actually went pretty well. I also saw he picture of the finished work and it was really good! :) I am so proud of my teammates and Felicia! <3

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