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Self evaluation form

IB CAS Self-Evaluation and Activity Inventory
Varsity Basketball, Varsity Soccer
These sports will be substantial when I start these seasons because it will take up
around 2 hours every weekday. Also, our team will definitely have games every weekend
leading me to spend more time on those sports.
Basketball = improving my free throws (5/10) and layups (8/10). Yes, it is realistic
and achievable because I will be able to improve my skills if I try my best and practice a lot.
Well, it is pretty hard for me to make goals constantly, and I probably will have strong muscle
ache, which will be hard challenge for me to overcome. The new skills I will develop would
be keeping my throws or shots constant and not giving up even it’s not working well. These
goals will stretch me because I will practice a lot to improve my skills, which I haven’t done a
lot so far. Also, I will be needed to talk with other players and coaches to learn some skills,
which is stretching me.
Soccer = working on skills such as big kicks (5/10), and defending the forward players by
cutting their passes or stealing the ball. These are realistic because I am a defender and I will
be able to cut some passes and also steal the ball if I try my best to improve my skills. Since
defending includes lots of running, I might feel tired easily while I am practicing. The biggest
challenge would be making me not to give up and do my best. I have to learn looking at the
other team’s forward players and also how to communicate with my other defenders who will
be working with me for the rest of year. These goals will stretch me because I have to do my
best and not give up when I am practicing. And I am pretty sure that these goals will go to
make me really challenged. So, I think this will stretch me by keeping and making me to be a
better player with a great attitude.
Achieving these goals will make me a confident person because I will not be
covered under the people who are a lot better than me. Also, I think these goals will also help
and encourage our team to be a better team because I am pretty sure that my teammates
will also going to practice a lot if they see me practicing. Having a coach and teammates with
different nationality and playing games with them is already making me as a global citizen
because we actually communicate and play games together for one goal, which is winning
and enjoying the season, and the game. by meeting many kinds of people when playing the
game will help me to act as a better person who knows how to control my feelings. If I show
my angers every single time when I play games, I will be in a trouble, but my learning how
to control my angers will also teach me to be more aware of the ethical considerations of my
Band -> not really because Mrs. Davis conducts it.
Church Choir->I sometimes give our leader some song names and help her to lead our choir.
Church Band-> not really because our leader does most of the job
Production Crew -> I sometimes suggest doing something but it is usually our head who is
doing everything
Band – I am the leading clarinet player in the band, which means that I have some
leadership!!!!!!!! I have to contribute my clarinet skill to succeed in the Band.
Church Choir – I am leading our church with our choir members to sing along with us by
singing in front of the students. Of course, I have to sing well to do this!
Church Bad – I also help people to sing along at our church service by playing the song. I
have to contribute my clarinet skill to succeed in the Band.
Production Crew – Since I am also doing varsity soccer, I am not having a big role in
production crew, which means I don’t have a leadership. Since I’ve been recording videos,
the skill I need is how to use or control the camera.
All of these activities are very substantial to me because I really enjoy doing these
things. Also, if I start not doing these activities, I think I will feel strange because these things
have been my routine for almost 3 years. But compared to other activities, these aren’t
substantial as some activities like basketball or soccer.
Band = I will try my best to play the music as how Mrs. Davis wants so that I
will perform a better music. There goals will be realistic if I listen to Mrs. Davis when she
is talking to me and also listening to the other clarinet players will help me. I think the
challenges would be playing hard music, making me to practice a lot to play a better and
awesome music! For this goal, I have to develop some “paying attention” skill because I
really have to know what Mrs. Davis wants. These goals will stretch me because I have to
communicate some more with Mrs. Davis and other clarinet players, and also whole band
Church choirs = Since our middle and upper school church members are not really singing
along with us, I want to make them to sing with us with passion. Well, since there are many
kids with us whom are so talkative and noisy, it is really challengeable for us to keep them
quiet and sing along with us. To reach this goal, I have to learn how to catch the attention
from the younger students because they are pretty much different from us. Lastly, these will
goals will stretch me to be a person who can understand better and who know how to control
young students. I think just being this kind of person will lead me to stretch.
Church Band = my goal for this is to be a clarinet player who can make great harmony with
another band members and choir. This will be so realistic if I do not skip the practices and
know what the choir leader wants. Well, the challenges would be that sometimes I might not
be able to join the band because I sometimes go to manila trip for games, leading me to not
know the songs that we will go to perform. The new skills I will develop with this band would
be reading the music and playing the song right away because I sometimes do not have
enough time to practice. These goals will definitely stretch me into a person who can read
notes faster and also help me in the Band at school!
Production Crew = My goal for this would be not skipping the meetings and do my best to be
a worthy person by doing jobs with my best effort. Since I am not a person who is taking a
big part of the crew, I think what I can do is trying my best to help those people who need a
lot of help to do their job. Well this is realistic because it’s pretty easy and simple to look for
a person who needs help. The Challenge would be that I might make some mistakes while
helping them that I have to be extra careful. The new skills that I have to develop to reach
this goal would be communicating better with other people because I have to know what they
really want and how they want the work to be done. This goal will stretch me to be a person
with better understanding and helping because I have to understand things before helping
people out.
Reaching these goals will really make me to grow in personal characters because
I think I really have to consider other people before doing things to accomplish the goals.
It probably will make me to be a person who can wait and listen to other people because
these factors are really needed to achieve the goals for every single goal that I have set.
By communicating with foreign people and looking at the same goals together will make
me to be aware of myself as a global citizen. And these goals or activities will help me to
make better decisions because I have to make some important decisions to do things and
sometimes, I might have to think carefully, leading me to be a person who is considerate.
IB CAS Initial Self-Review
I think going to an ISAC in Basketball is a greatest accomplishment so far because I
was trying it out for 3 years and I finally got into ISAC member!
Sports, like soccer
Driving, I always wanted to get a driving license if I had chance. And I think I will go
to have it soon!
My dad, because he always stands up again when he falls down. I really like this
personality because I easily give up.
I think I can make a better decision and think deeply now compared to when I
was 10 because at that moment, I probably wasn’t thinking about my future or other people
before doing something, but now, I try my best to do things which will not affect me and other
I think I will be a person who can understand people, know what to do, make better
decisions, and never giving up even I fail. I think this is a whole different person with me right
Preparing for IB CAS SERVICE Self-Evaluation
Global, especially Philippines’ environmental issue (recycling)
Well, I’ve tried to recycle at the school with Akber’s(?) tetra pack project around
About how to reduce the number of not recycled trashes
Definitely not during weekdays because I am busy with school stuffs, but during the
weekends I think around 3 hours.
I want to know how to lead the people and help them to do recycle specially
By doing this, I will be needed to communicate with other people such as students
who will be going to work with me, and the school body
I might have some troubles with students who are working with me, also if our
student body isn’t cooperative, I also will have hard time with this service
Yes, I think young adults would be a good choice because they will have better
understandings with my work or what I really mean and the reason why I am doing it
I would like to last his as long as I can because the longer this lasts, the more
recycled trashes.

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