Saturday, 26 May 2012

Final Reflection: Production Crew Head of the House

I have been part of production crew for about 4 years, and just as any other activities, this is my past year to be part of. Last year, I was a Mic controller. However, this year, I was selected as the head of ushers. But, I couldn’t take this job because I was leaving for APAC tournament. So, my role changed to the head of the house. My role was to lead my teammates to decorate the in front of the house.

When I first found out that I had to decorate the in front of the house, I was shocked and scared. This was because I wasn’t a good artist. I couldn’t draw well and also I had hard time painting. However, I had to all of those to decorate the house!

Since I studied IB Theatre, I knew how to design the in front of the house. I knew which of the aspects can show which. So, I decided to have a road going to the castle which represents Bell’s journey to the castle. There also were some stations on the road which shows what happened or key object of the places.

Before everything, I had to choose students who will be helping us. I went around asking students to help out and I got plenty of them to help. Since I will be away during the actual show, I asked Felicia to lead them during the show time.

After that, I decided to have a meeting to start decorating. Of course, not everyone came. They had excuses to not come and some of them were trying to skip some of the meetings too even if they know that we have to start working. It was a bit annoying when some of them were not working even if they were with us. I could see people just chatting, taking pictures, and doing nothing. As a leader, it was very not respectful and it was annoying. I think I now know how teachers would have felt when we were not listening to them and ignoring them.

I kind of felt bad to students whom I was working with because I couldn’t always be with them. I told them to always be there but I couldn’t stay with them. I think they might have felt bad when these kinds of things happened. However, I think I tried my best to prove and show that I work hard when I am there! I hope everyone felt that too!

At the last day of me staying to help decorating, I tried my best to finish everything. However, I think we didn’t have enough time to finish everything. Things were not done and it was not never nearly finished. I felt really bad and sorry to leave rest of the jobs to Felicia. She only joined because I asked for help but she had to finish up everything.

However, I really enjoyed the time when I was with them decorating. When we were making flowers, everyone was involved and we were laughing a lot. Even if some of them were complaining with back pain or tiredness, I tried to make them laugh! When we were painting at Ms.Calililm’s room, we were all laughing and smiling. We were listening to music together and had fun! I think this experience really helped me to get along better with people whom I wasn’t really close with.

I still feel sorry to those of people who had to work harder because I was not there, but I am certainly proud of all of them who were there to help! This experience at Brent Subic is one of the memories which will never be erased. I am glad to have this experience!

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