Thursday, 24 March 2011

Production Crew Journal #1


These days, I have been working on mics traffics so that my assistants can do their job properly. We have been talking about things that need to be finished but one of my assistant did not do his work that we had a problem for couple of days.

But we could solve the problems today that we only need to start practicing handing mics to the correct performers. Since there are so many performers who need mics, some of the mics have serious traffic that i am a bit concerned about it. But i am pretty sure that as long as if we get many practices, we will be able to do it without any mistakes. I hope we can do this! <:

Also, I will be learning how to control mics. Such as how to fix the volume, how to adjust the voice, how to turn on and off the mics and also how to make sure that every mics are off. Another thing that I had to learn was to not mke the strange sound. These sounds are heard when there are too many mics on or if mics are close to each other. I heard the to fix this problem, I have to adjust the volume of the mics. I was kind of scared when I talked with max. He was having my role last year and he told me that this job is a bit hard and complicated.

I hope I can do my job well by learning it properly!

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  1. Hi Cindy,

    This entry reads more like a regular journal entry rather than as a "Journal #1". Please make sure you use the 4 guide questions provided in the 'Jumpstarting Journals' post on our CAS blog. Feel free to give this entry a different title and just post the actual Journal #1 after.