Monday, 28 May 2012

Final reflection: Recycling Club

Final Reflection: Recycling Club

Since when I was in 10th grade, I started to be part of recycling club. Katarina was a leader for this group and I first joined just because my favorite person is leading it and she needed some help. And, I decided to continue with this club and work with Ms.Calimlim. However, everything was different. Yes, we were collecting recyclables but before, we were only collecting papers and sort them out into reusable or not reusable. However, this year, we also collected cans, plastic battles, tetra-pack, and so on.

My job was a leader of publicity group. We had 4 groups. Publicity, In-school, and Out-school. Our-school members went around Binictican and gathered recyclables while in-school members went around school to gather those. However, my job was a publicity member was to let students and binictican society to be aware with recycling.

As a person who rarely talks in front of a lot of people, this job was a bit challenging. Yes, I had a bit of leadership, but talking in front of our whole school body was really hard. Even if my English skill was good, this was really challenging.

One day, right after the break, our publicity group had a presentation about how to segregate and recycle. We also talked about why this is so important and how student body can help. Our group prepared all kinds of recyclables and recycling bins which will be located at many areas around school. Since I was the leader but also the one who could speak well, I decided to explain most of the things. I explained which recyclables will be thrown into which recycling bin and how to segregate well.

Since all the money that we earn from selling these recyclables will be given to BZMs, I was so happy to work hard for them. They were always there to clean our school and help us if we need help. However, they do not earn a lot of money from doing those things. So, I personally think that this club is really helpful to everyone!

As a publicity member, I tried to let everyone to be aware of recycling any kind of things that we use daily. Honestly, I don’t know if I did a great job on making people to really segregate properly. I have seen cafeteria people who were segregating cans and plastic bottles because they were all at the same places. However, I tried hard and tried to make people to be aware of this. I hope this club still continues! J

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