Sunday, 13 May 2012

Production Head of the house Journal #1

At first, I was supposed to be the head of the ushers. My role was to decorate the in front of the house and lead people to know their seat during the show. However, I was selected to be part of APAC team that my role changed. I asked help from Felicia to be the head of ushers and I became the head of the house decoration team. Well, people who were working with me were still the same.

When I first talked with Ms. Calimlim, I found out that I had to find some students who can help me to decorate the house but also to guide the audience. So, I selected some students who could really work hard and be part of our team.

After that, I and Ms. Calimlim designed the general look of our wall, which is located at the entrance of the house. She told me what she wants and what she need. So, we came up with a design which could fit into the performance, Beauty and The Beast.

I hope everything would work so fine even if I am planning to leave school during the show days.

Also, I and Felicia is planning on starting the decoration with in next week! So.. I hope everyone will be very cooperative! :)

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