Thursday, 24 May 2012

Varsity Soccer Journal #1

When our varsity team was first selected, I was honestly very scared to start the season. most of our team were not experienced with "Soccer." They didn't know what they were doing, and since MOST OF The NEW players were on defence, I was so annoyed and exhausted when playing with them. However, I tried my best to let them not feel uncomfortable and be proud of themselves for still playing with us and making the varsity team.

When we had our first game, it seemed like things were going on pretety well. However, I really had a hard time talking to teammates and lead them to listen to me. Some of them did not even bother to listen to me anymore.

When those things happened, I felt that I need to work harder and harder to really lead the team. Some things had to be fixed. People HAD to listen to me, especially those who are playing defence!

Well, i thought  could fix all the problems. However, i couldnt! hahahah things went pretty wrong. I could hear about people who were saying bad things about me jusT because I was LEADING them. That's my role but people woulnd't take it that way!

I still tried hard to make them to work harder and not feel down even if they make mistakes. I needed to lead them well. I tried to keep the anger to myself and still commit to the activities. If I don't, they will feel even worse than how I would feel. By doing these, I think I learned a lot. I have seen people who were feeling bad because of what I say. So, I tried even harder to make sure that everyone knows how much I am trying and so that everyone wouldn't feel bad anymore.
Of course, there were things which are not good and which has to be fixed and I think those will be all fine.

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