Thursday, 24 May 2012

NHS Journal #10

When I had a short talk with Mr.T, I felt that I am so not ready to do my project. Everything was so fine when I was thinking about it but it wasn't that simple. I had to contact the person who is in charge of the children there, make sure that they know who I am, and have a chance to know each other.

However, I only planned what I will do but didn't think about the other stuffs. I felt really stupid and ashamed! I thought I am so ready but I wasn't! I wasn't being respectful to the people there..

I think it was a good think that I had a chance to talk to Mr.T! He reminded me of some of the things that I should be aware of. I should've have already talk to the supervisor of the children there so that they know that I am coming to help them out. If they dont know about it, what I am doing might have been liker "I got something for you, you guys better gather up and follow me." So, I decided to go with one of the clubs in our school! They were in contact with the place where I was planning to go and Mr.T allowed me to go with his group and talk to the person there.

I was pretty excited to go there because I will be able to get to know them and talk to the person who are in charge of the children there. I wouldn't be disrespecful to people there anymore if I make an appointment and help them out.

This trip to POCCH would really help me a lot to know about the children there and get along!

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