Saturday, 26 May 2012

Final Reflection: Varsity Basketball

Since I am a senior this year, this is my last year to play basketball. I think I won’t be able to play this sport anymore because there are no sports clubs for girls. I have tried my best to go to ISAC and it took me about 2 years to do that. I usually didn’t have a lot of chances to get into ISAC team because I was young, but also there were many other players who were better than me.

I first went to ISAC when I was in 10th grade. This was when Coach Stocking was our coach. And the following year, our new coach, Coach Thompson came! When I first had practice with Coach Thompson, I felt that he is very kind and he loved our team. This came into my mind because I didn’t feel this with Coach Stocking.

Anyways, when I started Basketball Season this year, I was pretty much in shape because I was part of Cross Country team. Since I was running couple of miles every day, I started to get in fit and be able to finish one quarter without resting. This was pretty amazing to me because I didn’t feel that I could run well but Coach Thompson told me that Cross Country really helped a lot.

This year, I wanted to record how each of us do during games or during practices to find out rather if we are getting better or not. Since our team is pretty small in number, I thought that the improvement of one person is very important and it will help us a lot if all of us start to improve. And I thought that one way to do this is recording how many points we score during games or during practices. I mostly focused on free throws. In my opinion, this is very important because it actually is the easiest way for us to score against other team. So, I made a chart to post it on the wall in the gym. By doing this, everyone could see how well we do and how we are improving. I was supposed to make a chart or graph out of this but I never had a chance to do it. I kind of regret not doing this because it may have helped us a lot during ISAC.

However, I think our team still did pretty well during ISAC. We still never gave up even if we had some unfair calls against us, or even if we were losing. I think this kind of attitude helped us to win.

Well, personally, I think I didn’t do very well during ISAC. I missed a lot of shots which I used to do well. I just couldn’t understand why that I have talked with Mr.Thompson couple of times but I still couldn’t find out the reason for this. It was so annoying and frustrating. I started to get scared to shoot and pass the ball because I was scared to miss shots. However, I think Mr.Thompson helped me a lot to keep me on going and not get scared to shoot. He told me that I can do it and I am doing fine. I think without him, I probably wouldn’t be me right now. I learned a lot from playing or learning basketball from him. He taught me so many new skills that I can adapt during games and also he gave me a lot of great advices. I think I will never forget playing basketball with having him as a coach!

I am so happy that I decided to play basketball at first place because I could get all these great learning and experiences by playing basketball. I am proud of myself for finishing the season strong and mostly, I am so proud of my teammates. They are young but I’m sure that they will grow up as a very strong basketball player who always has positive attitude!

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