Thursday, 24 May 2012

Varsity Soccer Proposal

Student's name: Cindy Kwon

Supervisor's Name: Mr.Davis
Year: 12
Activity name: Soccer varsity team
Date(s) / Duration of Activity: The whole season is about 1 month, my actual project is 3 days

What is my past experience with this activity:
I have been part of this soccer team for about 4 years and this is the last ISAC that i will be able to play for. I was always a defender and I first started as a left defender and became stopper the following year. Right now, I am a sweeper who has the most of the responsibilty in defence. I played as a sweepter for about two varsity years.

What new learning or skill do I hope to pick up or develop?
I am suppose to really be cooperative with my teammates, especially with my defence players. However, I am planning on focusing n my past ISAC and be very responsible on it. I will try my best to lead my teammates and prepare for a schedule for every simgle games that our teammates will be very organized on meeting time and warming-up time. so, I should be able to be a leader who can make and lead people to listen to me. Also, as a captain and a sweeper, I will try my best to go talk to my teammates about how they are performing in our games. And I should try to talk gently to not huer my teammates.

How will this experience be different from that of the past?
Before, in all of the ISAC I have had before, I was never in charge of scheduling or even lead stretching. Also, I usually didn't talk  to my teammates to really let them be more comfident when playing and also help them to improve even if we actually do not have enough time to fix problems. I think encouraging is very important to let one to improve.

How am I going to know if I am making progress or experiencing growth in this activity?
The best way for me to know if I am making progress is talking to my superviso, Mr.Davis! By doing this, I will be aware of how I am responding to any kind of situations or if I'm hurting anyone.

My gols are to be able to make my teammates to be there on time when we need to meet before the game. Also, I really want to talk to my teammates about our performance in games. i really want to make our teammates to feel good and be prod of us after ISAC.

I will benefit because I will be able to learn from this experience. Also, my teammates will benefit becuase they will have someone to encourage them and they will be aware of their schedules!

Biss, for 2 days. 2012.03.15~17

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