Thursday, 24 May 2012

Varsity Soccer Journal #2

So many things happened during our soccer season.
I once cried in front of everyone because I couldn't take the anger anymore. Someone listened to me very well but someone didn't. The worst thing was that I coulnd't take the pain and anger anymore because that girl started mocking me in a very bad way. I had some problem with that girl before that I've talked to Mr.Davis about it before. He said he would help me if I need help. It really helped me to feel better!

However, I really coulnd't take the anger anymore that I cried in front of everyone. I didn't say the reason why I cried, but I think some of them must know about it because they caused it!!! hahah :)

I think those things got better at the end of the season. People started to listen better and talk to me more during the games that we could communicate a lot and pass the ball around.

Well, one problem occured around 2 weeks before the ISAC and one day before my APAC try-outs. My ankle got really bad. It was very purple that it looked like a sweet-potato from the Philippines!!! It was so swolle that I cound't see my ankle bone... I cried so hard when this happened. Yes, It was very painful but I hated the fact that I actully couldn't try out for APAC anymore. It was so annoying for me. well, i still could go to APAC but it would have beenway better if my ankle is good!

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