Sunday, 13 May 2012

Production head of the house proposal

CAS Activity Proposal Form
(To be signed by the supervisor)
Answer the pre-planning questions to help you identify your goals for the activity.
(You can use TAB, the ARROW keys, or your mouse to navigate to the necessary fields.)
Cindy Kwon
Activity Name
Date(s) / Duration of Activity
What is my past experience with this activity?
I have been in part of production crew for almost 4 years. I was a video recorder for two years, mic controller for
one year. My last year of production made me to be the head of the house decoration group.
Ms. Calimlim
Production crew (Head of the house)
1 month
What new learning or skill do I hope to pick up or develop?
I am not a good artistic person. I can't draw well and also paint well. However, I usually have a lot of ideas on
decorating or drawing. This year, by being the head of this group will allow me to be able to gather ideas and
put it together to make a best in front of the house. Also, this will allow me to have a leadership. In most of the
CAS projects that I've done, the hardest part was to lead people. I believe that having one more chance to lead a
group will definitly help me to get a better skill.

How will this experience be different from that of the past?
Since my role as a production crew was usually based on the technicality, this year's role is totally different from
previous years. I have to be creative and very imaginative to be able to make a big poster to hang it in front of
the house. So, I can say that the way of approaching this project is very different from the one that I did before.

How am I going to know if I am making progress or experiencing growth in this activity?
The best way for me to know if I am making progress is talking to my supervisor. By doing this, I will be aware
of how I am responding to any kind of situations or if I'm hurting anyone by saying some harsh words. Also, the
result of our decoration can tell me how well I lead my group and also motivated them.

Goals What is/are your goal/s for this activity? What do you hope to achieve?
My goals are to really make the people who see the in front of the house to be touched and understand which
are which. Also, I want my group to be very satisfied and be proud of our work.
Impact Who will benefit from this activity? How?
I will benefit because I will be able to learn from this experience. I will have one more chance to lead people and
learn from it.

Timeline Where, how often, and for how long will the activity take place? (specific dates whenever possible)
BISS, for about 1 month, every day

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