Thursday, 24 March 2011

Recycling club journals

When we first came back from vacation, our publicity members were planning to have a presentation on one of the Wendsdays to inform that we need some of supports from our school body. We needed some more volunteers that can help us to go bigger in outschool, meaning that if we have more people involved, we will be able to go to more houses in shorter time! Also, we wanted to tell our school to please segregate because they weren't doing it properly. We planned to make a powerpoint to make it easier for school body to understand how to separate recyclables properly. When we presented it at Chapel, hopefully people listened to what we said and they will now try harder to segregate properly.

We had a little changes in our Publicity members. Don went to help ourschool and Chris came to us and tried to help us on what we are doing. We were planning to have one more presentation and help people who lives in Binictican to be more involved on giving out recyclables. One day, i and solina had to go help outschool because two of outschool member did not show up. When we went out, we found out that it was pretty a hard job because the weather was extremely hot and some of the houses were empty that we had to wait for a while and leave the house. I felt that we really need everyone to do their job.

We still continued to work as a group. Even if our member changd a bit, I and solina worked hard together to post of some posters and labels that students and also teachers know where to throw recyclables. People started to recycle better and better. I think this kind of improvement helps us to work even harder. However, we had some problem. The labels were keep on falling! I think this was because tapes were not sticking well on the wall. Also, the posters went a bit bad because of rain and dirty stuffs. I hope we can find a way to fix those problems!

This is almost our last month of recycling club for this school year. This is because we only have about two weeks of recycling club next month. I had a lot of fun of doing work here! Of course, I had a lot of work to do such as writing a letter for the binicican residents, having a presentation in front of a lot of students during chaple, and also making a posters and labels for the recycling bins were a bit challenging. However, we could finish all of them and we could achieve our goals. I am proud of ourselves, publicity members, and I am looking forward to finish everything and finish strong.

This is REALLY the last month of recycling club. This month, we had a chance to giving BZMs money that we have earnedby selling recyclables. I think this was more about donating the money because they actually need those money and they will use them well. I think this is very precious and special because we actually are helping people who helps us. BZMs are the ones who clans restroom, and our whole school. However, they do not get paid a lot. So, I think giving these money to BZMs are very meaningful. I hope this ceremony? continues even if I graduate or even if I am not part of this club.

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