Sunday, 13 May 2012

NHS Journal #5

My slush project is working pretty well! We've earned a lot of money from this project. I am pretty much proud of myself! :)

This month, we have food festival! So, NHS members decided to have some game booths going on that we can also earn money from this. I was in charge of the booth where one of the teachers stay inside the trunk and students throw balls at certain point and hit it to make teachers to fall into the water. This booth was in so much fun because people were cheering for studens to throw the ball fast and accurate that teachers could get wet!

We actually planned to have a dart throwing game booth but this couldn't work because we didn't have anything to paste balloons to the board. So we just decided not to have that booth set up.

I was kind of frustrated during this project because some of the members were actually not working! I couldn't even eat much because I was working at the booth but the others were not working but only hanging out. I'm not sure if they were doing something else but I felt really bad because this is my last food festival!

Anyways, I think this NHS project also went pretty well because we earned a lot of money from it!
I think this can also help for our future projects to have a better quality!

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