Saturday, 26 May 2012

Final Reflection: NHS

To get into NHS, I had to apply it about 3 times. Since grade 10, I kept on applying to get into this organization and finally, I got in! This was my last chance and I was able to be part of NHS. Since when I first came to Brent Subic, I always wanted to be a NHS member. I was part of many activities which were held by NHS. However, it was very hard for me to do that. When I had a conversation with Mrs.Griarte, she told me that one of the reasons why I couldn’t get in was because of my characteristic. I heard that I had some problems with teachers during classes. However, I have never felt that! So, I was a bit confused. I couldn’t distinguish is what I am doing is right or wrong. However, I tried to always smile and stay positive during classes and try my best to change my attitude. And I think this actually helped a lot.

When I first had a NHS meeting, I was so excited! We had an election to decide the leaders of NHS. When we had couple of meetings, we had time to talk about our own projects. We first talked about the options and I decided that I will go with slush selling. In my opinion, this was the most important one to start our NHS projects because we had to earn money for our other projects. And one of the easy ways to earn money is selling things. Since we could easily get Ice, syrup, and the machine for slush, I felt that this project would be very appropriate. So, I decided to do that and this project was the one that everyone was involved.

Honestly, I thought this slush selling project is good enough as a project but it wasn’t! I was surprised when Mr.Barth asked me about my project. So, I had to get hurry and prepare a project to work on. When I was thinking about it, I felt that teaching young and poor children about hygiene would be very good as a project. I just had to find a place to go. When I talked with Felicia, she suggested me the place called “The mission of charities.” Since I have been there about two years ago with Katarina and Hacky, I felt comfortable going there that I decided to go there. However, I became so busy with IB stuff and exams that I couldn’t prepare for my projects. I was not ready to have a project with that place. So, I decided to go to POCCH with Simon. One of the clubs in our school were having contacts with them and we were also planning to go to that place for building fence. So, I thought it would be better and easier for me to reach there.

Well, even if I decided to go there and when I had a set date, I still was not ready. I actually thought I am but I wasn’t. When I had a talk with Mr.T, I found out that I still have works to do. I had to go see the person who was responsible of children there to let them know that I am coming to do my project. I found out that it would be very rude if I go to that place without letting them know that I am coming. I thought Simon actually already have contacted them that I don’t have to go, but it wasn’t like that. We were going together but we were having two different projects that I still had to go see the supervisor. To do this, I decided to go with some of the students who are going to that place and talk to the supervisor but also help that group. I think this was something that I really did well because I could get to know a lot of children there. They remembered my name when I went back there to hold my project. I was so happy!

At first, when we started explaining the importance of hygiene and toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and hand sanitizer, I was scared that children may not understand me. However, I was wrong. A lot of them could understand what I am saying, except for some of them! I felt that everyone will understand me because I still tried hard to help them to know what I am saying. I tried my best to have their attention when explaining the importance. After that, I gave toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and hand sanitizer to everyone so that they would keep themselves clean.

I am looking forward to go see them again because I will be visiting the Philippines again. I hope that Peter will continue with my project that I can simply help him if he has problems and also go with him!

I think it would have been way better if I could have my project at least twice and if I had a better relationship with children that I worked with. However, I believe that what I did was still helpful to children and I will still have more chances to talk to them and get to know them.

One year of being a NHS member gave me a lot of good experiences and it allowed me to learn a lot from it. I found out about how poor children live their life, and how they are pure inside. I will never forget this experience and learn a lot from it.

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