Sunday, 13 May 2012

NHS Journal #4

I started my project this January! But, I couldn't be there at first time because I was part of ISAC that I was at Baguio. However, I heard that It went pretty well.

I think this project will last until the end of the year because we will be needing a lot of money for this!

What we are doing for this project is that we made 3 groups we changed the group who sell every week.

Also,we firstly started with only selling once a week but our plan changed to earn some more money. So, we were selling twice a week. Tuesday and Thursday!

I was very happy to see students asking when we are sellingn and buying and liking our slush!

They liked them and the most important thing is that we are selling it in a very cheap price! I think this is one of the reasons why students like our slush.

I am looking forward to earn some more money from this and other projects which are coming up!

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