Saturday, 26 May 2012

Varsity Soccer journal #3

During ISAC, my role was to lead people on schedules and make sure that everyone are updated with anything.

I firstly scheduled our meeting time and warm-up time. I printed them out and distributed to all the coaches and teammates! I hope they didn't throw them..away..haha
anyway, and then I explained them about the usage of those papers! This was to really let them know that those times were strict and important. I needed them to really know that those are very very very important.

Right before the first game, we had a short talk with everyone and they were all pretty much serious and excited! Well, I was also excited and I was looking forward to play all the games left! When we worked hard together and tried our best, we could reach one of our goals, winning against BSM. We couldn't win against them for about 4 years but this year! we won!!!!!!!! Our goal keeper, Fanny didn't even touched the ball during this game. I was so happy!!

This wasn't it. We still worked hard together and we got 3rd place! We actually could have done better but I think 3rd place is still good enough and we deserve to get it! I am so proud of my team and myself. We never gave up even if we lost or won. I hope our team still continue to do this even if I graduate!

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