Saturday, 26 May 2012

Final Reflection: Varsity Soccer

Almost 5 years of playing Varsity Soccer have ended this year because I am graduating. This year was my last year of playing all the sports that I have played for about 5 years. So many emotions were passing by. However, I personally am proud of myself to finish all the seasons strong. Of course, I had so many problems or dramatic situations happening during playing Soccer that sometimes, I was so stressed out. But, I personally think that I was able to go through all those problems and end my season by being a great leader!

When our varsity team of this year was selected, I was a bit surprised and scared to finish the season strong. We had too many new players and they didn’t know how to handle the ball well. Well, I also am not a good ball controller but I had some experiences but they didn’t have any. I could always think positively but I couldn’t this time. It was even worse because most of the new players were playing as a defender. As a person who has high temper and who cannot control the anger well, I was literally shouting at everyone if they make silly mistakes. I know that I shouldn’t be doing that but I couldn’t control myself. I really regret doing those things now.

When we were keep on practicing soccer and working hard, my kicks started to get better and it went very far. Since I had many problems with my kicks last year, I was so happy and proud of myself. However, this couldn’t continue anymore. I injured my ankle so bad that I couldn’t kick as far anymore. I had to rest for about two weeks and keep put ice on my ankle. It seemed to get better but it was still very painful. Until now, I can’t straighten my ankle. The day after I got injured was a day when I was planning to try out for APAC. However, I couldn’t do that anymore because of my ankle! I was so annoyed that I was crying a lot. Most of people thought or still think that I cried because it was too painful. However, that wasn’t the reason why I cried! Well, I still could go to APAC. I think this gave me a lot of great experience. I got to know more people and I was able to learn a lot from this experience.

Since I was one of the starter and important player in our team, I was always so proud of myself and I never questioned about my skills. However, when I went to APAC, I felt different. I wasn’t a starter and there were some players who were way better than me. Sometimes, I couldn’t even get to play, which never happened to me for a long time. Honestly, I felt very bad and annoyed when these kinds of things happened to me. Well, still, I believe that I learned a lot from this experience.

Before going to APAC, I had a most important and last tournament at Brent Subic, ISAC! Since this was my last ISAC ever, I wanted to have a special role, which was someone who schedules call time and warm up time and also lead stretching. I also wanted to talk to our teammates after every single game. However, sometimes it couldn’t work that way.

When we had our first game against Brent Baguio, we were mostly dominating the game but we couldn’t finish strong that we lost against them by 1:0. It was very frustrating. Everyone knows that we deserve to win because we are better. However, we just couldn’t finish strong and score but also keep our goal safe. When we had a talk after this game, everyone was annoyed. I was supposed to try to let everyone to calm down and talk but I couldn’t. I felt that I need to be a better leader.

After that game, our team started to pick up our skills and work together to play our game. We tried not to give up even if someone scored against us. We worked hard together and communicated a lot. By doing this, our team could win a game against BSM. For about 4 years, maybe more than that, our team never won against BSM because they had strong players and they had great skills. However, our team worked really hard to score and also defend. I think during this game, our goal keeper, Fanny never touched the ball! I was so proud of our defenders! When this game finished, I was so happy. I think Izzy was also happy! We gathered around together and cried. I think we still have a picture of that! J

At the end, we finished this ISAC with getting 3rd place. It wasn’t bad! I honestly never thought that we actually can get 3rd place. However, we worked hard and got it! I am so proud of our team. We all tried our best and never gave up no matter what happened. I am so glad that I had this team to play with and I will miss this team so much! J

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