Sunday, 13 May 2012

NHS Journal #7


Objective: __Teach children about hygiene so that they can be prevented from
any kinds of disease. Also, I will provide some Soap, Toothbrush, and Tooth Paste to young children!__

Target/ Population: __Young children iPOCCH__________

_____I am planning to go with Simon for the visit to clarify what
they need mostly and how they are living their life. By doing so, I will be able
to really plan on how to teach hygiene to young children. Also, I should look at
the place first to figure out what kind of games would be good to the children.
People Involved: ___I will ask for some of the volunteers from students. Also,
I will group people and let them to teach students about what they will going
to do with students. If possible, I will provide some soaps and toothbrush to

When/ how long: _May 18th. For one day about 3 hours._______

Where: ___POCCH_____

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