Sunday, 13 May 2012

NHS Journal #3

Finally I came back from the vacation and we are starting my project, which is slush selling!
We are doing this to make some money for us to pay for some of the needs that will be used for our projects.

Objective: __To earn enough money for the future projects and really help our
students to be part of our NHS projects just by getting some great slush!_
Umbrella: _________________
Target/ Population: _Whole school body_
__Firstly, I would get approved from our supervisor and start on my project. I
need to find out the actual date what I would held this project and also figure
out the amount of materials, or even the kinds of materials that I would need
to finish this project successfully. I think asking some of the previous NHS
members about this project would help me a lot to really budget how much
money I would need. Another thing is that I need to ask some of my NHS
members to help be on this project because I would definitly need at least two
members to help be out!____
Estimated Cost: _I have no idea__
People Involved: __Two more NHS members if possible_____________
When/ how long: ___At the end of November if it works out well. If not,
somewhere around feburary. For about 3 days!____
Where: __School atrium or cafeteria___

This is my proposal sheet for this project. As mentioned above, I will have my NHS members to help me and whole school body will be involved! Also, I think this will be very helpful to us because this is the best way fo us to gain money!

I am planning to start this when we come back from the break. I hope everything will turn out so well!

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