Saturday, 11 February 2012

Basketball Proposal

CAS Activity Proposal Form


Mr. Thompson

Girls basketball varsity

october ~ january

What is my past experience with this activity?

I have been in the varsity team for almost 3 years, and this is my 4th year playing basketball. I went to ISAC
twice. For about 2 years, I was playing as the post, and I think I will play as a post(blocker) and also the wing this

What new learning or skill do I hope to pick up or develop?

This year, I will try to learn some more skills for the post such as faking and shooting. Also, I want to really learn
how to help my teammates without screaming badly! I want to be more nice to my teammates but still be a good
leader. Another thing that I hope to develop is to really communicate more. In my oppinion, communication is
the most important thing that will make a good team-work. So, I will try my best to really communicate with other
post players and also other teammates to creat a better team-work and bring the team together.

How will this experience be different from that of the past?

Unlike last year, I am keeping track of our team's records. My plan is to record the data of the free throws at
practice right before the practice and make a graph from it so that our team can actually see the improvement
or what we have to improve. Also, I will try to get some data from our games so that we would know what to
improve on and what to work on. Another thing that I would do this year is to come up with the names for our
new plays. For example, Mina and I decided to call our offense break out as "Key." These are the new things
that I am planning to do this year, and I hope this would help me but also our teammates.

How am I going to know if I am making progress or experiencing growth in this activity?

I will can know if I grow with this activity by talking to the coaches. I think they are the ones who know the best
about myself progress on the court. Also, if i can see my teammates improving by all the table charts that i will
going to make, i will find out if what i am doing really is helping them to improve and also helping me to improve.

Goals What is/are your goal/s for this activity? What do you hope to achieve?

My goal is to be a leader of the team. I want to communicate more and help my teammates to improve more and
more. Also, my another goal is to really do my work, which is to keep track of our defense, and recording the
scores. I want to keep my records organized and accurate so that my teammates can rely on the results.

Impact Who will benefit from this activity? How?

I will benefit because I will learn to organize and analyze my results. Also, this season is the time when I get
to talk to my teammates a lot so I will learn how to help and encourage my teammates without hurting their
feelings. Also, I believe that my teammates will benefit too because they will get the records about how good
they are or what to improve on.

Timeline Where, how often, and for how long will the activity take place? (specific dates whenever possible)

Gym, Monday to Friday, about 2 hours per day, from october to january.

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