Thursday, 24 May 2012

NHS Journal #11

After going to POCCH on thursday, I went back to the place on saturday!
When I went there the first time, we tried to know about the place, what they need, and so on.
The next time I went there was to talk to the supervisor and let them know that I am coming this saturday! However, I was also helping the club members to have fun together with the children there. So, I could get to know them pretty well. I thought them my name and I told them to not forget because I am coming back soon! :)

When our bus arrived, everyone was welcoming us! and one of the children came to me and said
"Ate Cindy!" and it was so touching!! Most of them remembered my name! They asked me where ate Ayan, Kuya Alan, and others are at. I told them that they are not here today but there are new people!

So, we started indroducng ourselves to each other. When I first asked "What's my name?" Everyone would scream out "Ate Cindy!" I was so happy! :) It was a good thing that I went to the place before having my actual project. I think it helped a lot!

After that, we played "Elbow Tag". It was REALLY HOT but I think I choce a right game for children because they really enjoyed it! My partner would scream "Dito!" or something.. I think it means like.."Here!"..not sure..haha

anyways, after that, we decided to give them some snacks and chocolate milk! this was because we actually had some extra money to spend on it and giving them something to eat would help them to calm down and concentrate!

So, we divided children into 3 groups and we explained about the importance of staying clean. We talked about why toothbrush, toothpaste, Hand Sanitizer and soap are important and how to use them.
then we distributed all the stuff to everyone. Actually, we had a lot of extras but I heard that more people will be back from vacation and then the number will be around 29 so I decided to buy 4 more of all the stuffs.

I think I really learned a lot from this experience. It was really good to have children remembering me and having fun!

I hope there wil be more chances to see them!

Also, I think peter will be continueing this project next year! So I hope he can do better job than me so that children would really learn from us!

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