Sunday, 13 May 2012

NHS Journal #8

On Thursday of this week, My brother, Peter, and Bernice had their Project. Thier project was a concert day that there were about 4 bands involved. A lot of students were part of this project!

I found out that some were our Ushers and some were band members. And of course, NHS members were all involved in this.

I was one of the members who were selling Slushs! I think we sold a lot of them. Maybe, this would be the last day of me selling slushes at school.

I think the Concert went pretty well, except for the start. The performing time was delayed because bands wanted to have some practices before performing but they didn't come early enough.

However, everything else went very well! We didn't have any problems and people were enjoying the time!

I hope everyone had fun.

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