Sunday, 13 May 2012

NHS Journal #6

This week is appriciation week. NHS are working on this this year and we have to appriciate teachers, students, BZMs, and some other people who are working at our school.

Things that we were going to do were chosen during our NHS meetings.

For teachers, we decided to provide a lunch and massage.

For BZMs, we also provided food

For students, we gave slush, popcorn, and icecreams. I think everything was working so fine!

However, it was a bit hard for NHS members to do all of these because we were already busy doing other stuff. Also, It was very hot to gve out food to students!

Well, I think everything was fine except for this! Teachers liked their food, students also liked slushs, popcorns and icecream, and NHS members were working hard for this!

I hope everyone had fun in this week!

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