Wednesday, 25 April 2012

NHS Journal #2

This is my second month of being a part of NHS member!
This month, not many things have occured. We just started to know about our roles and plan for up-coming projects. I actually decided to have a slush selling that we can gather money for us to use them for our projects. And we started selling these and I think it worked out pretty well! At first, we were not that organized but as week passed, we decided to have a pair or more to work together in each week that everyone wouldnt have to come every single time. Also, we also had some chances to talk about our projects. We actually had many opportunities. Some wanted to have a book-drive while some wanted to have a movie night. We all had our own ideas for our projects. I think things are running pretty well. I just hope that all of these things will really happen some day and we will be successful!

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