Tuesday, 21 February 2012

NHS Proposal

CAS Activity Proposal Form

Mr. Barth
National Honor Society
Every Thursday, 2011 october ~ 2012 may

What is my past experience with this activity?
Before, I was involved in some of the NHS activities such as orphanage visit. Also, I bought some of the foods
that the members were selling to gather money for their activities.
What new learning or skill do I hope to pick up or develop?
I think I will learn how to prepare big projects independently. Even if i would get some help from my supervisor
and friends, i would be the one who would plan my own project, gather it, and successfully finish it. So I am
looking forward to be independent on bigger projects.
How will this experience be different from that of the past?
Last year, when i was not the member of NHS, I just was a helper who was just there to help NHS members to
successfully finish their projects. However, this year, my role has changed. Now, I am the person who organized
the project and held it!

How am I going to know if I am making progress or experiencing growth in this activity?
I always think talking to my NHS members and the supervisor is the best way to find out if i am making progress
or experience growth in thie activity.
Goals What is/are your goal/s for this activity? What do you hope to achieve?
My goals are to really try my best to be a beneficial person in the group that I can be a helpful person. Also, I
want to have many successful projects which can give a better options to our member's projects.
Impact Who will benefit from this activity? How?
I think our whole community and school body can benefit because they can be part of the projects as long as if
they sign up.
Timeline Where, how often, and for how long will the activity take place? (specific dates whenever possible)
Subic, our meetings will be at the school, every Thursday, 2011 oct~ 2012 may

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