Wednesday, 25 April 2012

NHS Journal Entry #1

Finally! I got into NHS!
I tried out for so many times and in my last chance, I made it!
I was so excited at the moment when I heard my name while Mrs. Griarte was mentioning the names of students who were chosen. Since I tried out for this for almost three times, getting into this really made me to be proud of myself. I've always wanted to be part of NHS. Now that I am part of this group, I think I start to plan on my projects.
At our first meeting, we had a election. I actually was looking forward to be a treasurer of NHS group. However, it didnt work out well because it was my first year of NHS. I still had a lot more things to learn before I get to have a important role. And I understood it! Maybe, this can be a good way for me to learn how to be a person who is capable of being a leader.
I am really looking forward to my senior year as a NHS member.

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