Saturday, 11 February 2012

Basketball Journal Entry #2


We've been practicing so hard so far. Our team seems to improve!
Mina is in charge of making sure that we are stretched properly and she also lead us when we are doing Core work-out. I hope this really help us to improve a lot.
Since our team is very small(We only have 12 members), we really had to stay in fit.
We actually started to have some games against teachers. Also, we are part of the manila league that we are going to manila almost every weekend soon! I hope we will win this competition! This must be the great preparation for us to win the ISAC.
I think our team is pretty good in shape because we do not get that much tired when playing games.
It was very tiring when i first started doing core-work out and sprinting. Even if i joined Cross Country, it felt like i am still tired!! :( but i think it still helped me! I was still able to walk..:P
I hope all of us will feel the same way soon that we would never get tired!

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