Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Basketball Journal Entry #4


After coming back from the Vacation, all of us had to RUN and RUN to get fit.
We were always complaining but our coach still made us work hard and i think it really paid off.
In ISAC, we could run a lot without getting tired. So, most of us could always run a lot even if we were on the court for a long time. I was to proud of my team. We all worked hard together and we all finished together! I think everything that we have done made us to win a Thrid place.
Personally, i was disappointed by myself because I made a lot of silly mistakes and I couldn't score as much as before. It would have been much better if i could perform better on the court but i couldn't that i was so stressed out. Well, but i think i did way better in the last game so i am proud of myself! I think my last year of Basketball in brent was the best one ever and i will definitly miss it!

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