Friday, 6 May 2011

Korean school journal entry #2


After not being able to go to Korean School because of Isac and Soccer games, i tried my best to to there and teach our students! In our first block, we now only have two students because one of our student decided to go to learn Korean and stop Math. My head teacher told me that she had hard time speaking and understanding Korean that her parents decided to teach her Korean. Since one student is gone, i felt that our class became very small because she was very good student who worked really hard and tried her best to solve math problems. 
In our second Block, we have about 7 students. They are 2nd to 3rd graders who also works very hard. there are students who are called "JeHee" and "EunCho". I can say that they are one of my favorite students because they are really cute and they like to talk to me. If they don't know how to solve any kind of questions, they come to me and asks for help and i of course "kindly" help them!
Being at Korean school really helps me to learn how to encourage our students and motivate them to even try harder tasks. I really want to keep doing this service and help our students to really learn a lot from us untill they master Korean and Math!!

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