Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Subic Korean School

CAS Activity Proposal

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Cindy KWon

Korean School

In this area, there are lots of children from Korea who have moved to the Philippines when they are young. Most of them came to learn English fluently, but the problem is that they have hard time learning Korean. So our church started to open a Korean School for elementary kids, teach them how to read, write, speak our language. Also, we have math class involved. And my job is to teach them how to solve math problems and check their work.

My goal is to being able to teach children well and improve on my explanation skills. Also, i really want to help our children at school to improve on their Korean and math skills.

Firstly, our students will benefit because they will be able to learn how to use our language properly, improve on skills in Math, but also learn how to interact with friends, teachers, and parents. Also, i can benefit because i also can learn how to interact with young children and improve my skills on teacher and explaining.

Subic Korean Church, every Saturday, from 9:00 to 12:30, Feb.5 ~ maybe till my graduation, 2012 may.

Sung il, Cho

Subic Korean Community Church

Contact Number: 047-252-7365 , 09194829553 Email: kingchoa@hotmail.com

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