Sunday, 27 March 2011

Korean School Journal


This week, i finally could go to Korean School after finishing my Soccer Season. Since i could not go for two weeks, i didn't know what was going on that i was a bit surprised when i found out that we were planned to do Min Sok Nol E this week. My job was to help students to play a Min Sok Nol E called Tuho. It is the game that there is a arrow like stick that we have to throw it into a high container. I was having a hard time picking up sticks in every second because kids will never stop throwing the stick even if i was not ready. My back was hurting so badly that Jinny, who was taking picture of us, asked me if i was okay. After helping out with Tuho, we played O Je mi and Chicken Fight. O je mi is very similar with Dodge ball but there are two very small balls called O je mi. I was very glad that students were very excited to play! Also, when we played Chicken Fight, students were cheering for their teammate. I really liked this because i could see that students were really enjoying it. When is was almost the end, one of the teachers told us (I, Jinny, Dongyeon, Hyun ah, and Tiffany) to also play Chicken Fight and Dongyeon won.

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