Sunday, 27 March 2011

Production Crew

CAS Activity Proposal

This form must be submitted to and approved by the CAS Coordinator BEFORE you begin your work.

Cindy Kwon

Production crew

My job in this activity is the head of the microphone section. Before, i used to take video of our plays but now i am the head of the microphone section and control mics. I now have two assistants who will be giving mics to the performers but i am planning to get one more to make their job easier. I have to list down all the mics that will be used on certain characters and figure how we will going to hand the mic in a short time. And my biggest role is to make sure that mics are on when the character is onstage, off when the character is off stage.

My goal is to be able to finish our play, called Annie, to be done successfully without any mistakes. Which means that mic traffics must be very clean and neat that there won't be any confusions that will lead to any mistakes and problems. Since it is my first time to do this job, i really want to make sure that i get all the concepts of how mic board works!

Well, i think our production itself will benefit from this activity because they will be able to perform in front of the audience and prove that they have put lots of effort! Also, i can benefit because i can learn some skills on controlling microphones! The audience also can benefit because they will be able to entertained by watching our play and enjoy it.

At MPH, Everyday, for about 1 month, after soccer to the performance date! (Production started earlier but i started to come everyday after soccer ISAC, before i only went once a week, on Tuesday for about two times.

Mr. Fernandaz

BISS teacher

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