Friday, 6 May 2011

Medical service volunteer work

CAS Activity Proposal

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Cindy Kwon

Medical service volunteer work

There are some doctors who are coming from Korea for medical service. Since my dream is to be a doctor, i thought that it can be a very good experience for me to have. What i will do is helping doctors if they need anything, and also help them to communicate with people who need any kinds of care.

My goal is to learn a lot from this activity. About 3 years ago, i had a chance to go to this kind of medical service and i really liked it. This time, i also want to enjoy the time spending with doctors and also patients.

Of course, doctors will benefit because some of us are there to help them out. Also, patients will benefit because they will have free medical cure. And, most importantly, i will benefit because i am pretty sure that i will learn a lot from this activity, such as how to associate with patients.

Where(i dont know..) just once, for about 7 hours, on May 7

Mrs. Lee

Korean society

David Lee's mom

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