Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A day with a local children

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Cindy Kwon

A day with a local children

I am spending one day with a local Filipino children at a church in Pamatawan, Subic Zambalez. My family and friends will provide gifts for 25 families and separate gifts will be given to about 30~35 children. We will be facilitating games for the kids, and prices will be given to the winners. We will also provide them with snacks. We will give some sports equipments to the church like badminton, soccer ball, and basketball. We will be singing and teaching songs and sports.

My personal goal in this activity is to interact with children from the local community. As a person who usually do not go closer to strangers, this would me one of my challenge during the activity. Also, since it is first time for me to teach a sports to young children, this also might be something that i have to overcome. I believe that this will also develop my leadership skills by helping children to follow my instructions.

Firstly, the local children and families of Pamatawan church in Subic will benefit from this activity because they will receive goods, school materials, and toys. Also, they will get to learn sports and some songs. I believe that i also will benefit from this activity because i might develop into a more sociable individual and i will also be more concerned about other people.

Pamatawan subic zambalez, just once, Jan 16 2011 at 4pm ~ 6pm.

Pastor Erwin Gongora

Subic Pag-asa Christian church

0939 870 9083,

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