Thursday, 13 January 2011

Basketball CAS Proposal

FORM #1: CAS Activity Proposal

This form must be submitted to and approved by the CAS Coordinator BEFORE you begin your work.

Cindy Kwon

Basketball Varsity

My position as a varsity player is post. I am one of the 5 starters of our team and my job is to call out the defense that we are running in our play, or our game. I also have to communicate with our teammates to make sure that our play is running properly.

My goal is to be able to communicate with our teammates better so that our whole team and improve on their skills but also in our communications. What i want to achieve through this activity is to be able to overcome all the pains on my ankle and run with my teammates, playing our game. Since i have weak ankles, i always had to wear a supporter, but the thing is if i wear them, i am getting blisters. So i think i really have to work on strengthening my ankle.

through this activity, our team benefits and i benefit. firstly, our team benefits because they can have some more athletes who played this sport for couple of years and learn from me, but i also can benefit from having more interactions with more people by practicing with my team and playing games with another team. Also, by having this activity, i can be able to have better physical health but also mental health because i can exercise regularly and also reduce stress.

5 days in a week(mon~fri) from 4 o'clock to 5:30. Sometimes, we also have games on Saturdays so we sometimes have 5 practices in a week or 6 practices in a week.

Mr. Thomson

BISS teacher

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