Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Proposal for Church Choir

FORM #1: CAS Activity Proposal

This form must be submitted to and approved by the CAS Coordinator BEFORE you begin your work.

Cindy Kwon

Church Choir

What we do in this choir is singing in front of the middle and upper school students in our church before our service starts.

similar to the other one, what i want to do in this choir is making and helping our middle and upper school students in the church to sing along with us and get blessing by singing in front of them and leading a songs.

our choir members and also our students at the church because we also will get to know each other better and some new songs, while our students also get to know more songs and get blessed!

At the Church, every sunday, about 1 hour practicing and performing.

Kang Jin Woo
Our middle & upper school church teacher

0929 359 4515

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  1. Hi Cindy,

    Please sign up for a session this week so we can talk about your proposals. =)